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In 2003, Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the UN, launched the
United Nations Literary Decade (Education for All-UNLD) in New York.

According to a study by UNESCO from the year 2007, Bénin counts 8,439,000
inhabitants. From the adult population only 35 % are literate. Thereof 48 %
are male and 23 % female. Neighbouring country Togo counts 69 % literate
men and 38 % of the women. Ghana totals 66 % men and 50 % women who
are able to read and write. The Ivory Coast has a literacy rate of 61 % of
the men and 39 % of the women.

Clearly there is a need for action. For many years no effort was made by the
government to improve this situation. Other social partners and organisations
have to get active. This is why we have launched our Alphabetisation Project,
which is aimed at improving the situation for a small region - little strokes fell
big oaks. As an example: At the beginning of the 1980s a project in Nicaragua
with 100,000 volunteers managed to cut the illiteracy rate from 65 % to 12 %
within two years!

We want to support women as they contribute a considerate part to the
successes of the economy. It is especially the women with their small businesses
and different activities who feed their families. Also, the women are responsible
for raising and educating the children. If women are numerate and able to read
and write, they can help their children with their homework.

With 66.66 Euros you help an illiterate woman to grow into a self-confident and
successful woman. Thank you for your co-spelling!