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«Bouge» provides water for a whole village
The village Wibatin counts around 700 inhabitants. Water shortage used to be
a big problem. There is a well in the village but it doesn't provide drinking water.
During the rainy season the people drink rainwater. During the dry season, which
lasts several months, they have to fetch water on foot at a place 3 km away,
balancing the water buckets on their heads. But this water is not of drinking water
quality either. More than half of the population suffers from parasites due to the
shortage of water, and typhus too is a problem in this village. There are other
diseases that are a result of poor hygiene. Particularly children up to the age
of 5 years suffer most. They are frequently ill and the death rate is as high as
15.6 %. Switzerland has a child mortality rate of ca 0.5 %.

Why Wibatin?
«Bouge» chose Wibatin because of its severe poverty. We bought land for our
future orphanage in this village. At the moment there is no place for the many
orphans in this region. There is a primary school as well as a health institution
in close proximity.

It is our goal to provide tested potable water free of charge to the villagers.
We want to eliminate or at least reduce diseases resulting from poor water quality.

«Bouge» will use this water to supply the orphanage, but also for the planned
fish farm, animal husbandry and vegetable garden. All of this will be located on our
three hectares of land.