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  • You can financially support one of «Bouge»'s projects, for example the
    Alphabetisation Project for women.

  • You can support «Bouge» by donating clothes or toys for children.

  • You can also support «Bouge» by providing useful contacts to charities
    and foundations as well as contacts to authorities and administrative

  • You can support «Bouge» by providing financial aid for our vehicle
    maintenance. In Bénin too the price for petrol is rising.

  • Our employees need mobile phones and cameras (used).

  • You can support «Bouge» by providing drugs you no longer need.

  • Our Fishery Project is still waiting for a sponsor. We also appreciate only
    partial financing.

  • You can support «Bouge» by sponsoring an orphan or half-orphan. The
    cost of a sponsorship is 50 Swiss Francs per month.

  • You can send «Bouge» your used computer hardware.

  • You can give «Bouge» your second-hand car.

  • You can support «Bouge» by agreeing to pay the salary of one of our
    employees (100 to 150 Swiss Francs per month).