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Employees of «Bouge»
At the moment, «Bouge» has six employees, five permanent and one part-time:
  • MEIER-FREI Irmgard, President of Board of Directors, Managing Director of NGO
  • FATON Augustin, General Secretary
  • Clément, Treasurer and responsible for microfinance project

Next to the permanent employees another 15 people work for «Bouge» on a
part-time basis. These are five women and ten men from the village Wibatin,
where our land is located. They help taking care of the pineapple plantation,
a time consuming task as the pineapples are organic and the plantation needs
to be weeded on a regular basis. They also help to seed and harvest fruits and
vegetables. As labourers they supported the construction of the surge tank
and stables for the livestock. All this work is expertly supervised by Hyacinthe
and Florent.

«Bouge» owns three hectares of land in the village of Wibatin in the Sékou
arrondissement, commune of Allada in the administrative division of Atlantique.
More land in the area has been provided free of charge by friends of the project.