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The founder and managing director of «Bouge» is Irmgard Meier, Ima, who was
born in Switzerland. For 20 years she managed her own advertising and PR agency
'Informato Ltd.' in Zurich. During this time she was responsible for many governmental
clients such as Federal Roads Office, Federal Office of Transport, Federal Office of
Public Health, Federal Office for Migration and Federal Office for the Environment.
She also worked for various cantonal departments and institutions.

Her good command in spoken and written German (mother tongue), French, English
and Italian helped a lot with the realisation of multilingual campaigns.

After all this time of freelance work she felt the desire for a new challenge - to
address social needs in Africa. Her working experience with charitable organisations
such as Helvetas, HEKS, SAH and others, have substantially contributed to this

After several assignments in 2005 as a volunteer at the aid organisation of the
Swiss Lotti Latrous and at the Mother Theresa Hospital, both in the Ivory Coast,
her decision to address social needs in Africa was final. She saw all those
abandoned children and orphans and how much work was needed. Keeping her
aim to help women and children in Africa in mind helped saying farewell to her
home country, family and friends.

On 1 July 2006 Ima left Switzerland for Bénin, at the time an unknown country
to her. This country seemed suitable for her plans. Since years Bénin is a democratic
country and politically stable. These facts together with Bénin's grinding poverty
made this country an ideal place for her to set up her own aid organisation. Her
assignments in the Ivory Coast during the time of crisis in 2005 showed her what
it means to work in a region where the crisis might escalate at any moment.

Bénin with its poverty-stricken population needs a lot of help. Here she can help
disadvantaged women and orphans, which is her main aim. In August 2007 she
realised her goal of setting up her own aid organisation «Bouge» together with
two like-minded Africans, Didier Mokanzo and Zita Adossou. On 11 September 2007
«Bouge» was officially authorised to act as a non-governmental organisation.
Under Ima's passionate guidance «Bouge», which means 'to move', immediately
launched several humanitarian projects.