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Another project in planning is the 'Moving Health Information Team'. This
information team will visit villages according to a fixed schedule:
  • To inform the people about water pollution and its consequences.

  • To provide information about child care. It isn't a given around here that
    children are bathed regularly. As a result the little ones are vulnerable to
    diseases. Prolonged skin disorder is just one of the many consequences.

  • The team informs about malnutrition and its consequences. The bad health
    of the peasant families due to the lack of doctors, insufficient knowledge
    about nutrition, as well as malnourishment is visible in every village. In Bénin
    there is one doctor per 14,216 habitants, in villages the situation is even

The 'Moving Health Information Team' will also launch a public AIDS awareness
campaign. Officially nobody dies of AIDS here. According to official information,
the number of AIDS transmissions has declined. The most recent number available
is the 1.9 % HIV carriers published in 2003. The fear of social exclusion is deep.
Proper education and information can reduce this fear. As the number of unknown
cases is very high, the life-prolonging drugs for AIDS patients can't reach many
of the infected people.

We want to ensure that traditional medicine has its place next to modern medicine.
«Bouge» will support the education of 'health advisors'. These advisors will be able
to teach women how to make drugs out of medicinal plants. Further, to improve the
health situation sustainably, they will give courses in sustainable agriculture and