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«Bouge» helps families in temporarily difficult situations

In a small village we got to know a very large family. First, the mother gave
birth to a girl, after two years to a boy, and after another year she delivered
twins. When she got pregnant a fourth time, this time with quadruplets, the
father was shocked. The parents were forced to leave the twins with their
grandparents, who are already quite old. Also, one of the other children is
being brought up by an aunt. With the help of a Swiss sponsorship «Bouge»
supports this family. In the meantime, the quadruplets are two and a half
years old, three girls and one boy.

This is Hermann from the village Wibatin. He was struck by a motorbike, which
left him with head injuries, a concussion and a broken leg. We helped his large
family to pay the costs of the hospital and doctors. With the help from Switzerland,
the required drugs were also paid by «Bouge».

This girl is 17-year-old Béatrice. She lost her father when she was very young.
Now she lives with her mother and brother in Abomey-Calavi. Previously, they
were supported by an uncle from the father's side. Unfortunately he too died last
year. The family receives food and money for school things such as books, uniforms
and special courses from «Bouge» on a monthly basis. In return, Béatrice teaches
Ima, the founder of «Bouge», the local dialect Fon.