Some children rights (the right to be treated, protected from diseases, to have adequate and balanced nutrition; the right to go to school; the right to be protected from violence and any form of abuse and exploitation; the right to accommodation, to be rescued, and to have decent living conditions; The right to play and have leisure; the right to have a family, to be surrounded and loved) which are recognized and guaranteed by the International Convention on Children Rights (ICCR), is not a reality for some groups  of children in Benin. They are orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) who are supported in various ways by Bouge.

Support for school materials

At the resume of every school year, the NGO Bouge donates school kits and uniforms to children. The aim of this action is to accompany the education and stay of these children in school. In Benin, the lack of school supplies and uniforms are partly the source of leaving school and loss among OVC. That is why the support of school kits and uniforms for OVC is compulsory to contribute to the reduction of dropping out of school.

Monitoring at school

The monitoring system at school set up in the context of the socio-educational management of the OVC is made of a social worker at the NGO Bouge’s head office to form professional contact with the leaders of the Social Promotion Centre (SPC) and the schools heads in the  commune where registered children are living in our directory. The purpose of such an action is to follow the progress of these children at school, to record the actual and good use of the school material given by the NGO Bouge, to record their school performance and other issues and to raise them at the level of the NGO Bouge and the local authorities and the Ministry of Family and Social Affairs as well.

Prise Health care 

Anticipating or early acting in case of the orphans and vulnerable children illness deeply relieves widows and prevents a harmful break of their income-generating activity. For the involved children, that prevents the absence at school due to expensive hospitalization having an immediate impact on their school performance. It is a strategic intervention for the orphans and vulnerable children in the NGO Bouge’s approaches.


The celebration of the children’s Xmas at the NGO Bouge is an opportunity to cheer up the hearts of children enrolled in our directory. Donation of new clothes, toys; meal sharing, theatres, choreography and various games.

Widows training in hygiene and Income-Generating Activities (IGA)

The NGO Bouge often organizes trainings in hygiene, food and the management of income-generating activities for widows who have orphans and vulnerable children to look after. This activity meets two objectives:

  1. To help widows to preserve their children from diseases through the application of healthy hygiene, food and nutrition rules for themselves and their children.

  2. Reduce the risk of aid dependency by monitoring widows in identifying and supporting the implementation of IGA.

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