ONG Bouge

Sponsoring a child is a safe way to contribute to schooling and the stay of orphans and vulnerable children in schools. Indeed, 

There are  several types of vulnerable children in our directory: Orphans, half-orphans and children living in tough situations (father and mother are alive but are unable to take care of them). They are somehow children in a situation of vulnerability certified by the competent departments of the state and who do not receive any support from another organization.

Sponsorship funds help to ensure the schooling of these children, to contribute to their covering by a monthly food endowment, to intervene in the prevention of diseases...

About 100 Children benefit from sponsorship.

CHF 50 represents the amount of a sponsorship. A sponsorship lasts no more than 13 years (primary and secondary cycle duration). We replace the sponsored child by another if the sponsor still wants to keep supporting a child.